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Welcome to Play with Nano! where our mission is to provide you a fun and secure platform to play social games with friends, family, or acquaintance while using Nano.

How it works

Your next social event (virtual or real-world) can be made even more exciting by creating a Play with Nano! room.

Step 1:

Create a room or Join a room

Step 2:

Create games

Step 3:

Play games with real money

Step 4:

Collect money for winning games! Nano is a secure, fast, and feeless cryptocurrency.

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Our Games
Question Game

Question games pose a question to all the players in your room for a set amount of time. Players that submit answers also send a set amount of Nano. Once the game is over, all players that answered the question correctly split the submitted Nano.

Betting Game

Betting games give possible outcomes for an event to all the players in your room. A betting window is open for a set amount of time. Players send a Nano wager for a selected outcome. Once the correct outcome is known, the game creator makes the selection and all players who selected the winning outcome split the submitted Nano wagers.